How safe is their Plan? Yes, they just rolled out a Draft EIS (DEIS) 6/8/16. Did the EIS tell the public that just 7 days before they quietly slipped in 27 changes to their Dairy Plan? Did FOM get any notice that HDF had filed a “Waste Management Plan Update” (WMP) with Sina Pruder, Waste Water Branch Chief and the person responsible for approving HDF’s dairy operation? No. HDF did not disclose or give the public any notice of the changes they are asking DOH to accept as they continue to seek approval to operate a large dairy at Maha’ulepu, Kauai. If it were not for the right questions being asked during depositions of the farm manager, Jim Garmatz, 6/14/16, none of us would have known that HDF had changed their plan: HDF WMP – Updates for Review. Exactly which plan is the public supposed to comment on during this 45 day comment period?

What can the public do to help? Call, write and demand that HDF withdraw its documents, resubmit a comprehensive Plan with all parts of the Plan in one document so the public can knowingly comment: Contact List. Demand full disclosure.

This isn’t the only way HDF is keeping information from the public. HDF Farm Manager admitted to signing a Storm Water Permit application to DOH submitted under oath when he knew the information on the form was false.  HDF Farm Manager, Jim Garmatz, also testified that facts contained in his Declaration filed in the Clean Water Act case, currently pending before a Federal District Judge, Leslie T. Kobayashi, were false.

Ulupono Initiative General Partner, Kyle Datta, led the PR campaign claiming on 2/15/15 that the dairy was safe and the EIS would prove it:

One of the more startling changes in their secret WMP update: HDF has decided to abandon the New Zealand (NZ) model. Before now, the NZ dairy model was the basis for their claim that they were doing something that was safely done elsewhere. FOM took great issue with that claim because of major NZ pollution problems, the cleanup of which is costing some areas of the country as much as $50 million per year. The DEIS however, still describes the NZ model as the basis for HDF’s proposed dairy, DEIS Vol. I page 48. FOM did a lot of research. We presented the dairy with the fact that environmental pollution would be unavoidable. HDF now admits that HDF’s dairy will not be “zero-discharge” as previously claimed. Our drinking water, the Valley’s streams, and the ocean are all admittedly at risk.

When exactly was Mr. Datta going to share with the public the plan modifications? It certainly wasn’t part of their press release:

You can access HDF’s DEIS directly:

The disastrous reality of HDF’s most recent bait and switch is that there are numerous ditches crossing HDF’s site, all of which drain to a fresh water stream that flows across Maha’ulepu Beach and empties into the Pacific Ocean. Any farm animals added to this site will carry additional fecal bacteria to a stream that has been chronically and severely polluted for more than 2 years.

PLEASE HELP! Hawaii Dairy Farms has released their draft EIS. All responses are due 45 days from June 8, 2016. Responses must be post marked no later than 7/23/2016. Download or view the DEIS.

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