Posted 2/1/2019: IT’S OFFICIAL!!! NO DAIRY FARM!!!  Ulupono and HDF will not be operating their planned dairy at Maha`ulepu. Thank you all for the hard work and financial support. With your support, all Kauai and our South Shore has been spared. We plan and know that our work will continue as we strive to protect the fresh water and environment of Kauai. FOM was asked to respond to Amy Hennessey’s quotes in the Ulupono press release today, Read more.

Posted 1/25/2019: BIGGEST NEWS YET! Although Hawaii Dairy Farms has not made a statement to the press or others to our knowledge, we found a very interesting auction ending in the next 27 days.  It appears that Hawaii Dairy Farms may be selling it all!  We called the auction house and learned that the farm equipment is in Koloa. Photos even show a bumper sticker on the back of the truck that reads, “Pull For Milk.” While HDF has not formally announced the end of their planned industrial dairy for Maha`ulepu, we expect it will come within days if not hours. Read more.

Posted 1/10/2019: WE ARE CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC! “Ulupono is now considering whether or not the Kauai dairy may be a good investment, said spokeswoman Amy Hennessey. There’s been no onsite work on the project in over a year, and Hennessey said Ulupono should come to a decision this month”. Read more.

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Humpback whales are often seen breaching off the shores of Maha’ulepu during the winter months.


Friends of Maha’ulepu is comprised of a group of concerned citizens (local and beyond) who are contributing their time and talents to protect the natural beauty of this pristine coastal valley.

Maha’ulepu Beach is located on the South Shore of the Island of Kaua’i in the Hawaiian Islands, approximately 3 1/2 miles northeast of the town of Poi’pu.  Poi’pu is one of the major visitor destinations on the island due to it’s beautiful beaches, swimming, snorkeling and surfing, sea turtles, whales, monk seals, trade winds, palm trees, and spectacular sunsets. Learn more about Friends of Maha’ulepu and the work we are doing!

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