Posted 3/18/2018: FOM requested help from EPA when DOH refused to warn the public of the serious and significant fecal bacteria polluting the Waiopili Stream. In late July 2017, EPA told DOH that they “must” post appropriate warning signs. They also questioned DOH’d evaluation of the likely source, noting that DOH conclusions were unsupported by their own data. Finally, they admonished DOH to do more to determine the likely source of the pollution. To date, that has not been done.  Now, EPA has released the final list of impaired waters of the US and the Waiopili Stream is officially included on that list.

Posted 2/13/2018: Recent Surfrider research shows that the Waiopili is still outrageously contaminated with fecal bacteria. View report.

Posted 2/2/2018: FOM reached out to knowledgeable sources, universities and others to best understand and respond to HDF’s proposed industrial dairy at Maha`ulepu. Yesterday, we received a very detailed letter from Johns Hopkins University that was sent to DOH Director, Virginia Pressler and OEQC Director, Scott Glenn. The letter details the serious risks to public health and the environment posed by Hawaii Dairy Farms proposal.  Read the letter.

Posted 1/27/2018: Ulupono, Hawaii Dairy Farms and Grove Farm refuse to recognize why a proposed industrial dairy is not sustainable and why it would be irreparably harmful. Despite two separate court losses (one Federal and one State), the defendants publicly state their intent to proceed at Maha`ulepu. HDF now plans to amend HRS 343 directly to obtain a statutory exemption for their project. They have hired 3 well-known, connected lobbyists with the theme “We’re local ag, HRS 343 harms ag, so the state should support changing this law.” Although we anticipate a return of some funds from the successful Federal Court award for the attorney fees and costs FOM was forced to spend, it now appears we may need to mount another expensive effort as we protect Maha`ulepu. The cost to lobby the entire State Legislature, file another suit in State Environmental Court and prepare for State Supreme Court will be great. Please donate to defend Maha’ulepu!

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Humpback whales are often seen breaching off the shores of Maha’ulepu during the winter months.


Friends of Maha’ulepu is comprised of a group of concerned citizens (local and beyond) who are contributing their time and talents to protect the natural beauty of this pristine coastal valley.

Maha’ulepu Beach is located on the South Shore of the Island of Kaua’i in the Hawaiian Islands, approximately 3 1/2 miles northeast of the town of Poi’pu.  Poi’pu is one of the major visitor destinations on the island due to it’s beautiful beaches, swimming, snorkeling and surfing, sea turtles, whales, monk seals, trade winds, palm trees, and spectacular sunsets. Learn more about Friends of Maha’ulepu and the work we are doing!

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