Protecting Kauai’s Water Quality

The plan for an industrial dairy has been defeated. The need continues, however, for FOM to work to protect Kauai’s water quality.

Advocating for the Environment and the Community

Episode of Eyes on Hawaii with guests Genard Frazier from O`okala on the Big Island, and Bridget Hammerquist from Koloa, Kauai. They review and discuss the concerns members of the O’ okala community have raised regarding the “significant” impact the Big Island Dairy has had on the community from untreated waste runoff.

Hawai’i News Now – Planned dairy in Hawaii delays approval process

A planned dairy farm in Hawaii has taken a step back by withdrawing parts of its application to allow more time for discussion of its likely environmental impact.

Hawai’i News Now – The Battle of Maha’ulepu

Both sides of Kauai dairy farm debate fight for public support.

Hawai’i News Now – EPA calls for warning signs on Kauai beach

The Environmental Protection Agency is calling on the state to post warning signs at Kauai’s Mahaulepu Beach, just upshore from the Garden Isle’s gold coast.

Because It Matters

Kauai County & Hawai`i State candidates for office answer a myriad of questions about several pertinent issues in their districts.

Dr John Kilpatrick – Economic Impacts Of A Dairy At Maha`ulepu

The Friends of Maha`ulepu have a deep concern for Maha`ulepu and the surrounding area. Hawaii Dairy Farms proposal to do a concentrated feed lot on 500+ acres will produce a myriad of detrimental effects on the area. Toxic runoff, biting flies, odors, increased use of the roads are some of the dangers.

Radio Spots

Listen to Friends of Maha’ulepu’s recent radio spots combined with beautiful footage created by one of our members!

Signs of Trouble

Friends of Maha‘ulepu put up signs, warning beachgoers of contaminated water.

We Love Kauai

Listen to Paul Cienfuegos, nationally renowned ‘Community Rights’ educator and organizer, who has successfully helped communities from California to Iowa.  He shares information on what we can do now to protect our precious Kaua‘i from harmful industrial operations.

We Love Kauai – Full Discussion

Community rights, personal rights, corporate rights. Several speakers discuss key issues including Gary Hooser, Carl Berg, Bridget Hammerquist and Paul Cienfuegos

Think Tech Hawaii with Friends of Maha’ulepu – Eileen Kechloian, Bridget Hammerquist and Moku Billy Kaohelaulii

FOM recently completed filming the first of several TV shows. The producer asks today if we would return for part 2 in about six weeks. The show will be submitted to several stations both here and in the mainland. Feel free to view it here. When we know more about an actual channel, date and time, we will send that news as well:

“Are Our Waters Polluted?’

Carl Berg, co-ordinator of Kauai Surfrider’s Blue Water Task Force summarizes 2015 water test results for bacterial and chemical pollution.

Friends of Maha’ulepu meeting with Scott Enright, Chairman, State Department of Agriculture

This four part series documents Friends of Maha’ulepu voicing their concerns in respect to how a proposed 2000 cow industrial dairy will negatively impact their shoreline, marine water, groundwater, and drinking water. The beach and its flora and fauna will be threatened by the potential for an industrial dairy that would be situated just upslope from the beach.  Part 4 of the series concerns Scott Enright’s response pertaining to the Risk to Public Health the dairy presents.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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