1. Relation Between Nitrate in Water Wells and Potential Sources in the Lower Yakima Valley, Washington
      NOTE from Page 32:  The EPA study concluded that 700 dairy cows (HDF plans to start with 699 pregnant cows) produce a daily waste load that is equivalent to the daily waste load of a city of 115,000 people, more than the total resident population of Kauai all leaving their waste on 517 acres of Maha’ulepu Valley daily, untreated..on clay soil with a natural down slope in the topography between the farm and the ocean less than a mile away. HDF Plans call for expanding to 2,000 cows . According to the EPA, that many dairy cows would create a waste load equivalent to the daily waste load from a city of 328,000 people!
    2. Animal Operations and Residential Property Values
    3. A good article about aerosolized manure, respiratory problems and serious impact to the environment caused by large dairies
    4. NPR story: New Mexico Dairy Pollution Sparks ‘Manure War’
    5. Citizen’s sue NM Governor in Supreme Court for attempting to block new dairy regulations.
    6. DNR backs off plan to relax pollution standard for dairy farm (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)
    7. Farmer’s past pollution cited by opponents of new dairy farm (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)
    8. They Tested the Air Around Livestock Farms, and What It Contained Will Make You Gag
      A new study finds drug-resistant bacteria downwind from cattle feedlots.